Wedding Cinematography in Mykonos, Sara & Alex

This love was born somewhere between London and Hong Kong. It was bred with caress and sweetness and matured through true looks. Finally, it arrived to Mykonos to unite the couple in a special, touching and absolutely… teasing wedding!

Wedding in Mykonos

“Love is not what you get but what you give” and Sara and Alex seem to know that pretty well!

Stella & Moscha took care of the wedding day’s artwork and the result was truly unique, like they designed on a painting, the words of a song: ”oh, how colors and music fit in your smile!”

The wedding ceremony took place on a rock above Aegean Sea and bathed in the Greek sunlight, where the best possible handling is always a challenge to a wedding cinematographer, as much as the printing on image and sound of a crazy love like this one! Thus, the idea of the animation came up to us. The couple only played in front of the camera for a few minutes. Everything else was in the hands of our imagination in cooperation with the video editing!

A well played party

The party that followed the wedding ceremony equaled its Mykonian reputation and the wedding video was representative of it!

Syrtaki, traditional dancing from Greek islands and frenzied music beats took us up at dawn, while the… international guests of the couple ended diving in the swimming pool! Surely a night to remember for everyone present.

Beloved Sara and Alex we wish you as much happiness as humorous were your wedding vows!


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