Wedding Cinematography in Skiathos Island (2015)

This wedding video editing was just my pleasure!

Pavlos and Marita made sure with every detail a fantastic weekend to go well together with their friends and relatives in the beautiful island of Skiathos!

So we had a beautiful and very loving couple, a great and incredibly cheerful company, an exotic island and decoration of high aesthetic in every place we were! So we made sure to create the wedding video in the best way possible without missing any part of it.

Nevertheless, I wanted more! Before the wedding we created for the couple a wedding video invitation, do you remember it? S(h)ave the date!

I suggested to the couple to made something similar for the wedding trailer. They where thrilled with the idea, they filled their bags with lots of clothes and in the studio of our friends and colleagues we did our shots and enjoyed almost like having a party !! 🙂

Photographer in this marriage was Thanassis Caiaphas and the decoration was from Fevronia!

It was a lovely project for Alex Stabasopoulos videography team!


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