Wedding Cinematography in Ios

Close your eyes and kiss me..  “one last kiss as my fiancé, your first kiss as my wife and just one more among millions as my best friend!” Said the groom and the bride accepted, promising him that he would never let him get bored! Pause. Rewind please! Movie title: Wedding in Ios!

Evan and Whitney met Ios a few years ago when they decided to enjoy their summer holidays in Greece. They were so attracted by the colors, beauty and energy of Ios that they promised themselves to return. And they did … again and again. The third time, they took a wedding dress with them, a suit, masks, snorkels and their friends, who traveled from around the world to be close to them!

Both of them love simplicity, so they designed their wedding just like that. Minimal aesthetics, adapted to the magic of the natural landscape of the island, beautiful mood, smiles in the cameras of Alex Stabasopoulos cinematography and.. we are recording!

Wedding like a premiere

We are one day before the official premiere of their common life and the company enjoys the crystal blue waters of the beach at Manganari. Ground, aerial and on-the-sea shots record superb moments in ultra-high definition resolution (4K). The quality of the picture and sound in this wedding video has taken off!

The big day has arrived, but the loving couple will not be deprived of anything that they are used to enjoying! Scuba diving is one of them. A few hours before they join their lives together, they allow us to take a look underwater at their dives!

Hey guys! It’s time for the wedding ceremony! But no one got nervous.. The bride walked barefoot to the groom, he wore the craziest socks, while the vows they exchanged filled everyone with emotional and laughing tears equally!

The following party had everything a wedding cinematographer needs to transit on screen the incredible energy, joy, cheerfulness, madness and love of such a loving couple when sharing moments of happiness with loved ones!

Whitney and Evan, you’ve also written a wonderful page in Alex Stabasopoulos’ cinematography book, entitled “Why we love our work! “ Thank you!

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