Wedding Cinematography in Paris “Five Letters”

It’s not the original ideas themselves that tear us up. It’s human souls that make them come true! In this cinematic wedding video we follow Antonis and Helen!

Antonis opens up his heart to Helen, in a confession-like manner. He testifies his own personal truth to her in the most wonderful romantic way, asking her to walk with him through the city of love, Paris for one day and through the paths of their life for a lifetime!

The voice of storyteller -groom- Antonis takes us by the hand, while scattered words draw the frame of their loving 7 year relationship. Five letters to her will be our guide to this magical walk that he himself designed for the woman of his life and their wedding!

Wedding proposal in Paris

Location: Paris, France. Helen wakes up in the hotel room. Antonis surprised her with that voyage and she can hardly wait until she is wandering around the city of love, holding hands with her beloved one! However, she opens her eyes and discovers she is all alone. A note on the table simpers at her and the treasure hunt in the streets of Paris has just begun!

Helen walks and champs at the bit with impatience. Could this be her wedding day? Antonis eagerly wants to talk to her about his love. He wants to tell her about her eyes, her smile, the light she brought into his days and the way he desires to share everything with her, but above all, his life. He is waiting for her right at the end of the bridge, alone but not for long. His pulsing heart promises to be next to her eternally, as soon as she marries him!

Watch the cinematic wedding video by Alex Stabasopoulos wedding cinematography and live the… treasure hunt in the city of Paris!

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