Wedding Cinematography, aerial frames from drones!

In recent years, more and more couples choose to include aerial frames in their wedding video, that have been shot from an electric remotely piloted helicopters (drone).

The increasing technological evolution contributed to this direction, of course. Something like that during the past years would be difficult, given its elusive cost, and therefore out of reach. The result indeed vindicates their choice. Aerial shooting is an impressive way of “coverage” for wedding cinematography, since it enriches the content with frames that you could not have captured in terrestrial means, offering a different and more cinematic sensation at the wedding video and adding more value to the final result.

How to choose a drone

Then, a question raises: “What kind of drone should I choose. Would that be an octocopter or maybe a smaller one?” The dilemma is purely based on economic criteria, since the smallest is cheaper. If we also consider that the smaller offers, theoretically, the same result, then the choice seems to be unidirectional. Is it so, though, or maybe a closer look at the subject overturns this impression and leads us to different point of view of it?

An octocopter drone, relatively to a smaller one, can fly more acurately. The extra propellers enable it to lift bigger payloads, transfusing more stability and less pressure to the motors.

It is able to carry DSLR cameras, while two operators are required for its function. One for the flight and one for the camera operation. The benefits of this combination are multiple. On one hand the wedding video quality recorded is higher (HD 1080 and 4K), due to the better camera used. On the other hand it provides safer flight. That is because one operator focuses on checking many parameters in the same time: height, speed, wind, natural obstacles etc. It also provides better shooting, since the other operator focuses on the theme and the best possible shots of it.

Safety mechanisms

We should mention that in case of a breakdown the drone has the capability to continue flying, even with two motors out of order, and to land safety to the ground. Furthermore it can fly higher reaching bigger safety level, without this affecting the frames’ stability (it’s able to fly even in wind speed up to 6 in the Beaufort scale), without annoying people because of its sound.

The octocopter can shot frames under adverse circumstances combining in the same time flight safety and high definition of image and wedding video.

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