Wedding of Dana & Shadi in Athens

Like the famous lyrics below, Dana and Shadi opened their hearts and let them fly to the sky of Athens. It was a hot Greek noon, while all of their friends shared their own wonderful world at this wedding!

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white
…and I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

“What a wonderful world” – Luis Armstrong

The beautiful couple chose the seaside part of Athens for their wedding. The place where they would exchange their eternal love vows totally rewarded them for their choice! The sun glittered at the blue ocean, the unique daylight along with the golden sand were there. Moreover, the couple in love along with their guests created the ideal scenery for a special four-camera wedding video shooting by us!

The aerial video shootings were some of the highlights of this wedding video. They captured in the best way the unique moment the white balloons flew to the sky!

Wedding preparations

The preparations of the couple found all the amenities and comfort that the special day required at Margi Hotel. Moreover, the flawless organized ceremony competed with the wedding party in elegance and class!

The picture of the couple dancing by the sea under the sounds of the live jazz music was a strong inspiring moment for our work as wedding cinematographers, while the small lamps on the water tried to lighten our video shooting!

One of the last scenes of this wedding video teaser ought to be the wonderful moment that Shadi’ s daughter wished the newlyweds for a baby to come!

Our wish for you is to have a beautiful life journey where all your dreams will become true just like on your wedding day!

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