Wedding movie with your best memories

A wedding film as professional as a movie!

When two people decide to walk holding hands on their life journey, what  will they need? Love, madness, mutual respect and understanding and enough patience. But also the wedding videographer of their dreams to keep the memories of their wedding days alive through the years! So, why not make it a wedding movie?

At “Alex Stabasopoulos cinematography”, we are professional videographers – cinematographers working in the wedding industry for several years now. We have evolved, and we continue to do so, both our technical means and the way we approach wedding videos. We use techniques similar to those of a cinema movie, while the aesthetics and style in our wedding videos are influenced by corresponding artworks.

Besides, the issue is no longer just a video of the wedding ceremony alone, but a whole series of clips. The options vary, pre wedding video, day after, short time trailer with the most important moments, real time running videos etc. This implies even greater responsibility for the final result to be artistic, but also to the point!

Location is everything!

During the process of your wedding scheduling, you are invited to make decisions, depending on how you have dreamed of this first day of your common life. One of these, is choosing the wedding venue. When the central idea is Greece, the alternatives are innumerable. After all, Greek islands have conquered the world’s first places in recent years as top wedding destinations. Among them are the queens of the Aegean, the Cyclades.

The cosmopolitan Mykonos, with its crystal blue waters, whitewashed houses, picturesque windmills and the unparalleled beauty of its famous Chora, will offer you generously wonderful locations for your wedding mystery and amazing spots for some magical shots in your wedding video!

The seductive Caldera of Santorini with the breathtaking view and explosive love atmosphere, will make you a protagonist in a romantic wedding film, painted by the unique sunset of Oia!

These are just some of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. We will be next to you wherever you decide to place your wedding pin, and we will do our best to create one or a series of videos, that will be as unique as your love is!


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