Wedding cinematography in Andros of Greece

Particularly beautiful, special, seductive but also mysterious. Andros welcomes you and promises that you will experience there the wedding of your dreams!

It is the northernmost and second largest island of the Cyclades. Its scenery is varied: shocking beaches, mountains, green valleys, oaks and olives, rivers and spas, paint the island with the brushes of the most imaginative artist. In short, the ideal backdrop for a different wedding video.

A walk on the island is enough to feel its special energy, but also to understand that this place knows how to hide well from the crowd and is only given to those who will dare to explore it. On your first visit there, you will be surprised. Most of the buildings retain their neoclassical style while harmoniously coexisting with the old mansions, beautiful squares that have been left untouched by time and the paved alleys, giving the impression that in Andros the time stopped at the most prosperous moment of its history.

Its characteristic touches are the “savage sailor”, the statue that dominates the square of Riva, and the imposing lighthouse at the entrance of the harbor, while the numerous museums remind that on this island art and culture occupy a prominent place!

Moreover the natural landscape of Andros is unrivaled! It rightfully holds the title of the greenest island of the Aegean, since, unlike the rest of the Cyclades, its rich vegetation spreads to its largest part.

If you are thinking of the religious wedding, the chapels and monasteries of the island are waiting to be discovered.The Agia Thalassini in Chora enchants with the wild beauty of the rock in which it is built, Agia Fotini in Gialia has amazing sea view, while Agia Aikaterini in Horma gives you the opportunity to get there with romantic boating! The well-hidden monastery of Agios Mamas, however inaccessible and lonely on the map, is so unquestionable that it will impress even the most demanding couple. It is a fortress-like monastery with a tumultuous overhang and towering tower, while its view of the sea is breathtaking. Imagine what will happen when Alex Stabasopoulos’ videography-cinematography drowns take off: images from the aerial shots are always amazing in such unique canvases!

For your political wedding, but also for an unforgettable wedding party, the beaches of the island will enchant you. Achla is one of the most beautiful in Greece, providing privacy and tranquility. That’s where the Achla River flows, while small waterfalls end up in pedestals that will invite you to swim while the landscape will take you to another dimension! It is close to Agios Mamas and you can combine the ceremony with the wedding reception in a fairytale place! The blue waters of the creek, combined with the small, white pebbles and sand, make the beach among the most beautiful of the Greek islands. One more plus is that there is one of the most beautiful lodgings on the island, from where, following the enchanting route through the trees; you arrive where the wave pops up. Seems like the absolute must for your next day wedding party!

The island does not end in its marvelous natural beauty. In Batsi you will find all the night life concentrated on the promenade from one end of the coast to the other, while Chora of Andros is best suited for quieter evenings. Your guests will enjoy all of it!

And when the time comes to get back home, Andros and Alex’s cameras will make sure to prepare for you the most beautiful box of memories to keep in your heart!

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