Alice & Alain wedding video in Santorini

Santorini is the witch of the Aegean, who rightfully and deservedly once had the name “Kallisti”, that is, in ancient Greek, “the most beautiful”. Many myths and beliefs follow it, but the greatest truth among all, is that one moment is enough to fall in love with it!

Enchanted by its eerie beauty and mysterious charm, Alice and Alain chose it as their wedding destination. Their friends traveled from different parts of the world map and gave their wedding colors and scents from Germany, Holland, Mauritius and Romania, but above all their love for the glamorous couple.

The Cycladic island welcomed them to the light, and one day before the ceremony, they chose to relax in the romantic Ammoudi, with fruit of the sea and local island specialties. They let the Aegean breeze travel with them to its blue waters and wedding cinematographer Alex Stabasopoulos cameras take us with him in the magical scenery!

The big day came, the bride did all the preparations, Oia was adorned with the most beautiful colors of its famous sunset, and the video of this wedding could only be made out of a fairy tale of high standards!

Alex captured a one-camera plan to follow the shining Alice in every step toward her husband, managing this way to have a natural flow and a strong sense of this special moment. The drones that took off made the wonderful Andronis Hotel look like a water lily, white, stylish and cheerful, sailing in the vastness of blue. And since the excited just-married couple exchanged vows of love before God and people, the starry sky of Santorini was getting ready for the big night!

Saxophones, live music, singing, hugging, cheerfulness and dancing and the happy couple were always present at the forefront of fun! The party, however, is never enough and the nightlife of the island never left anyone complaining!

Alice and Alain lived their wedding in Santorini as they dreamed of it, and Alex Stabasopoulos cinematography’s artistic look will always remind them of these beautiful moments!



    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video