Tim & Jessica
Destination: Santorini
Wedding Film

Tim and Jessica decided to get married in Santorini around the late spring.

The wonderful Greek island gave them a few wonderful days in its embrace! The beautiful couple traveled from Florida to the diamond of the Cyclades and enjoyed the sparkling Greek sun bringing warm light on their wedding day, while the cameras of Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography-cinematography, took charge of recording these precious moments, with distinctive discretion.

Both, the wedding ceremony and reception took place at Santorini Gem, which, justifying its name, was the perfect venue for the beginning of the happy couple’s fairytale, and the ideal backdrop for the shooting of this unique wedding video!

The wild beauty of Santorini's volcanic stones, the amazing blue of the Aegean and love itself, give a sense of romance and luxury, while the wedding video of Tim and Jessica narrates their own love story!

In this island, however, you can never stop breathing its special energy in the picturesque alleys with the white houses, in the churches with the blue domes, in the magnificent view that stretches before you and takes your breath away! The loving couple knew this when they chose Santorini for their destination wedding, and let themselves loose to live their wedding days there, like they were the protagonists in the sweetest romance movie!

"Our forever starts today”, wrote the girl, and we use her words as our best wish, for the new path they have just begun walking together!



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