Wedding Cinematography in Paros

Bathed in the light of the Greek sun, beautiful, chic and versatile, it opens its arms and invites us into its world, in one of the most unique marine crossroads of the Aegean. Paros. If you are planning your wedding, this blue Greek island will surely grab your attention! The beauty of simplicity is the secret of its charm, while in every corner of it hide discreetly small, pleasant surprises for every wedding videographer wedding cinematographer who respects himself!

Traditional Aegean white houses, blue sky and sea links, colorful flowers and people in the courtyards and alleys, compose a magnificent artwork. It could not be random, after all, the foundation of the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts on this island, where the sea breeze is strongly artistic charged!

Your wedding in Paros will be painted in the white of the seagulls that will be flying over the chapel, in the fuchsia bougainvillea, the crystal-blue air, sunset orange, the glow from the smiles of your beloved ones and of course from the palette that you and ” Alex Stabasopoulos videography- cinematography ” will choose and will better reflect the canvas of your love!

The choice of the church if you are thinking of a religious wedding is not easy. Today in Paros there are 450 churches, of which 300 are churches in the countryside!

Agios Fokas is placed on the line that the land ends and the sea begins, and when the sun sets, the scene for you, but also for our video shots, is unique.

Agia Anna, connected to the Frankish Tower of the castle and made of marble parts of ancient temples, is built next to the traditional Parian Mill and is ideal for a romantic wedding at sunset.

If you choose a civil wedding, the Paros city hall is located in St. Anne hill in Parikia, but do not limit your imagination there. The wedding ceremony in one of the beautiful beaches promises to be unforgettable! However you choose to join your lives with your heart man, this “official” first day of your life together should be celebrated as it deserves it! You would not imagine the plethora of choices that you will have to manage. From classic banqueting rooms in hotels, resorts and estates, to traditional celebrations on the beach, Paros has to offer you something more than you ever dreamed of.

Do not forget to take a look at Antiparos also. The little sister of Paros became autonomous personality in recent years as a vacation hotspot and not without a reason. Stroll to the Prophet Elias, in the highest peak of the island and maybe you just chose the place for your wedding Cycladic! The panoramic view of the surrounding islands from the paved courtyard is breathtaking.

If you are not a person who soothes him to have control and supervision of all, you might think to assign the organization of your wedding in an office, avoiding stress and fatigue processes. In any case, we will be there with our smile, patience, ideas, positive energy and all the technical equipment of «Alex Stabasopoulos videography- cinematography», to meet your most specific needs!

Paros is one of the islands that Steadicam, slider and our skates, set on fire, while drowns for aerial shots reveal all the magic that gives us generously the nature of the island. You just have to relax and experience your wedding day as you wish. Breathe the air of the island that has something from aroma of homemade bread, flowers, all sorts of herbs and saltiness. Indulge in tunes hummed among the trees. We will observe you discreetly and prepare for you a wedding video-life memory with professionalism, consistency, and above all love!

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