Wedding Cinematography In Lagonisi Grand Resort

Lagonisi Grand Resort was the set for our new wedding film production, with carefully selected cast and breathtaking senario!

“cause girl there’s a better life for me and you! “

..and they found it, by holding each other’s hand!

Vaggelis and Sophia share a rock attitude towards life. This is obvious by their sights, their words and the way they exist in the space around them. Therefore, our inspiration for their wedding video had a more of an action movie cinematographic style, than a romantic story!

Filming in Lagonisi

During the opening scene the bride describes how we got here. A Christmas ball, sugarcoated biscuits and notes made this wedding proposal look like a hidden treasure hunt! Fortunately she made it to the map’s point X, making Vaggelis a nominee for the prize of best original screenplay!

So, by joking and laughing we shared the wedding preparations of this crazy couple. Sophia relaxed and chilled while enjoying her beauty treatments and had the feeling she a party was on the way. In addition, Vaggelis had already started joining this party with his besties!

At a wedding, it’s always the leading roles that create the atmosphere. In this case neither the priest of the wedding ceremony nor the appearing bellow wedding videographer-cinematographer ignored the teasing mood! Thus, our cameras had a lot of action, in terms of moments and lines, to capture, in order to create a hit-to-be movie trailer!

The wedding party that followed exceeded everyone’s expectations and transformed Lagonisi Grand Resort to the shooting scene of the coolest love story! Night aerial shooting with drones was a must. Spirits ran at high levels, the dancing never stopped and the guests took part in this production being a lot more than just supporting roles!

The title of it: “Guts and love”. Does love need guts?  To be continued on screen by Alex Stabasopoulos cinematography!

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