Wedding cinematographer in Greece

He knelt with the engagement ring in front of you or simply hugged you and looked at you. She welled up or laughed, but she was happy and she kissed you more in love than ever. This wedding proposal found its way of expressing itself uniquely as your love is. In other words, this is just the beginning of the fairytale.

Wedding location, top priority!

You have to think of the place, decide the time, plan your lives, organize the necessary, choose wedding dress and costume,.. breath! Breathe deeply and relax. This unique day in your life will be unprecedented and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. Wouldn’t the ideal be a place by the sea, surrounded by warm smiles and some fine wedding planners?

That is: Greece!

You will have to make some difficult decisions at first, such as “on which island should we get married”, “to have a religious or a civil ceremony”, “to make a reception in a luxurious resort or a wild beach party” and some more. The sure thing is that this enchanting country has the way to absolutely satisfy your every wish.

We can start discussing about the countless picturesque chapels, endless coasts and wonderful food. About the beauties of the natural landscape that surpass the most crazy imagination. Trust me, we will need a lot of time and pages! We will only advise you on this: select the wedding planner that suits your style and live the journey. Cinematographer Alex Stabasopoulos will be there and will make sure to stop the time at your most beautiful moments! And if you are wondering how, we have some answers for you.

A cinematographer with lots of influences

His inspiration comes from the Greek colors that you will enclose in your eyes. Τhe blue of the Aegean, the gold of the Ionian coastline, a black pebble in Santorini, the orange sunset in Oia. Α red tile in Syros, the gray stone castle in Corfu, the green Paxos, a fuchsia bougainvillea in Paros, the amber blue of Amorgos, the white of your wedding dress, your colorful looks at each other!

He allows his camera to breathe the scents you will take with you back home. Τhe jasmine of a summer night in Andros, the pine in Elea at Messinia that river Neda discharges. Τhe sea breeze on a beach of Naxos, homemade food in every corner of the country, his scent when he hugs you in a boat for two in Ithaca, the flower smell of the bridal bouquet.

He will ask you for the shell where you gathered the sounds you loved, to make them a soundtrack in the trailer of your wedding video. Α seagull over a sea in Ikaria, the waves that pop out on the rocks of Little Venice in Mykonos. Τhe cicadas that stay alone in Athens at August, the boat that crowns as it reaches the harbor of Rhodes, the wind that winds surfers in Lefkada, the tone of your voice when you say “I do”, your favorite song under the starry Greek sky .

The couple is on the spotlight

Most importantly, focusing on you and what excites you, he will never let you forget the flavors of your trip. Τhe wedding pilaf of Crete, the sweetening honey on the first day of your common life in Kythira. Τhe traditional sweet “cheimalia” for weddings in Skiathos, the taste of love when “you may kiss the bride” is heard.

It’s his basic principle to do everything he can so as that you are free and comfortable in front of his lens. Therefore, just relax and feel cozy when you touch this place that the Olympian Gods have chosen as their home. It’s a given that drones, the variety of technological means, the light management techniques, the knowledge and all the other tools of a wedding cinematographer will never be enough of themselves. The human factor will remain unsurpassed and will always make the difference!

In conclusion, choose a sea and date and be sure that in Greece you will experience the wedding of your dreams on earth!

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