Wedding Cinematography in Paxi island of Greece

Once upon a time, the Greek god of the sea, Neptune, fell in love with the beautiful Nereid Amphitrite. As his search for the ideal place to hide his love failed, he decided to create it himself!

Thus, by striking the tributary of the southern tip of Corfu, he separated a small piece of land into the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea and turned it into a divine dwelling for his beloved. The green Paxos, somehow so, were born of love!

Welcome to the terrestrial paradise of the Ionian Sea. Full of pines, cypresses and olives, both Paxos and Antipaxos look like two green dots in the blue sea map that surrounds them, ready to star in the most dreamed wedding video!

If you dream of a wedding romantic, chic, and fairy-taled  it’s time to explore this little hidden Greek diamond.

Churches in Paxos are not innumerable, but each one is unique in beauty and history. As the harbor of Gaios welcomes you to the island, the verdant islands of Panagia and Agios Nikolaos, which surround it, will steal your heart and our … video focus!

The monastery of Panagia of the Vellianites, looking framed by a white veil, the churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Ioannis, the Venetian fortress, the lighthouse and the windmill that decorate them, can be the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony and a source of inspiration for us in “Alex Stabasopoulos videography-cinematography”.

Still, the temple of Ypapanti in the beautiful Lakas and Ascension in Chora are two more of your choices if you prefer a religious wedding, while for the politician there is always the Town Hall, the white pebble beaches, the lighthouse.. Just share your ideas with a wedding planner and enjoy the journey!

The island is small, well hidden from prying eyes, so it offers tranquility and privacy. However, there are beautiful and special restaurants to enjoy your wedding party, as well as luxurious accommodation that will offer hospitality to you and your chosen guests.

The scenery is ideal for wonderful boat trips on the island’s perimeter, but also to the enchanting island of Antipaxon. The aerial shots from our drowns could not find a better destination than the green waters of these islands that seem to be connected to the splendid vegetation of their land.

Do not leave the island if you do not take the feeling of crystal clear waters on beaches such as Vrika and Voutomi, as well as romantic walks on the sand following the sunset, a glass of wine and a stroll through the imposing stone formations of the Hermit, a hug In the magnificent fishing village of Logos.

Some of these moments could stop at their birth time and become your favorite highlights in the wedding video that we will prepare for you!

Besides, if you choose this divine complex of the Ionian Islands as your wedding destination, you will make sure that your eyes will be filled with wonderful nature and your soul with their loving energy!

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