Marisa & Sean
Destination Santorini
Wedding Film

"May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home”,

are some of the words of love that Sean gave to Marisa a sweet afternoon of September, although he had already fulfilled his promises!

The splendid couple met on a blind date that was set up for them by a common friend, and this unique relationship began to blossom and grow into laughter, love, happy moments, but also understanding, respect and affection.

They chose the breathtaking Santorini as the wedding destination of their hearts,

inviting their loved ones to celebrate with them, and enjoyed to the last drop the enchanting wine of their wedding day. Besides, sharing multiplies your joy, as Marisa said in her touching love vow.

The first party was held at the Pyrgos-Santorini Restaurant, where the couple made sure their friends enjoyed the local hospitality in the best way. Traditional dances, dishes breaking and lots of dance, gave this evening the special touch of a wedding in Greece.

The wedding day that dawned was the reason that brought a joyous group from the other side of the world to the heart of the Aegean,

and the Greek sun made sure to create the ideal conditions for them to be unforgettable!

The date was at Rocabella Hotel Santorini and wedding videographer Alex Stabasopoulos took charge of fitting in his footage the impeccable beauty of the island, the love and the warmth that flooded the couple’s looks, as well as the thrill and joy of the wedding guests. With his 4K cameras, he created a wedding video of high aesthetics, painted by the stunning blue of the sky and the sea of ​​Santorini, as well as the glamorous white of Sean’s and Marisa’s wedding ceremony.

The vows, rings and kisses sealed the wedding mystery and it was time for another party as the night shone through the amazing fireworks!

Alex’s drones and their enchanting images from above took off this wedding video too!

But how can anyone leave the Cycladic Paradise if they do not dive into the waters of Thirassia that carry the history of the creation of the island? The shooting from the day after does not keep secrets! Endless dives, music, fun and the volcano’s energy didn’t left a choice.. Everyone will return to Santorini!



    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video