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My name is Alexis Stampasopoulos and i was born in 1983. I lived and studied at many different locations in Greece before i finally move in the beautiful city of Athens. I was always in love with the art of filming and the avocation with tv channels as a lighting chef was just the necessary incentive for me to study videography and video editing. I feel really lucky and blessed that filming has the power to emotionaly move me at the time of shooting but also in the final editing. Every scene is so different and the people also. I am inspired of you and i feel happy to hear any of your suggestions and ideas on how your wedding's video style would be.

Every time i am getting ready to film a wedding, it's a new challenge and an opportunity for another powerful wedding video. With discreet presence and nobility we let your wedding day roll not intervening (photojournalism). Direction takes place only in the shootings of the ''day after'' and ''pre day'' videos when you are informed for every take the follows.

All the scenes of the wedding trailers, wedding invitations and pre-wedding videos that are filmed not the same day as the wedding, they are all planned and sketched in a story board. You participate in this creation and its really fun. In the video editing phase, we collect all the captured images, moments and clues that your day gave to us trying to make the best out of it. A lifetime wedding video! In the sound design phase, we add natural sounds that were recorded in pro studios. In the color granding, we give the color attitude the video will have (I think thats my favourite phase)..!!!

We create a wedding video in a style that fits you making it... yours! I didn't know what to write and now i cant really finish... communicate with us and we ll inform you about the rest!

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Wedding Cinematography
Wedding Cinematography
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