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A Fairy-tale Island Wedding Video in Amorgos, Greece!

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a wedding video in Amorgos lifted straight from the pages of a modern fairy-tale!

This fairy-tale island wedding video in Amorgos, Greece captures an idyllic fairy-tale wedding in Greece. Choosing the ideal locale can be hard but Ellie and Dimitris had a vision. They dreamed of paradise beaches, breathtaking island sunsets and the natural blue and white colors of Greece. The perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding video!

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Wedding cinematographer in Greece

He knelt with the engagement ring in front of you or simply hugged you and looked at you. She welled up or laughed, but she was happy and she kissed you more in love than ever. This wedding proposal found its way of expressing itself uniquely as your love is. In other words, this is just the beginning of the fairytale.

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Destination wedding videographer Zante

Meet multicultural Zakynthos

A fairy-tale love story can only be celebrated with a destination wedding movie in a magical place! Zakynthos, dipped in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, combines Greek culture and hospitality. Additionally, Italian finesse joins natural beauty and plenty of choices in whatever you are looking for. A mixture that will hardly leave you unhappy!

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Wedding movie with your best memories

A wedding film as professional as a movie!

When two people decide to walk holding hands on their life journey, what  will they need? Love, madness, mutual respect and understanding and enough patience. But also the wedding videographer of their dreams to keep the memories of their wedding days alive through the years! So, why not make it a wedding movie?

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Wedding Videography in Santorini Manolis & Rania

Wedding video in majestic Santorini!

“No, I do not regret nothing, because my life, my happiness, are starting today with you!” We would add “With our wedding, here in Santorini!”.

In this wedding video, the soundtrack had to be as emotional and erotic as the eyes of the beautiful couple, who entrusted the memories of their own special day to “Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography“.

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Wedding movie In Corfu (Kerkyra)

The wedding movie of this lovely couple could not have a different filming location, from the noble Corfu!

Tatianna and Jeremy chose the jewel of the Ionian as their wedding destination. On a sweet day of June, they travelled from England, to experience their wedding day as they dreamed of it! We were next to them, following their steps towards their common life, with discretion and respect for their privacy.

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