Wedding Video In Santorini

“Saxophones of spring in the lava of your heart, your hair come undone and summer is here… Santa Eirini!!” (X. P. Katsimicha – Santorini). Enjoy this wedding video in Santorini.

Many think of it as the most romantic place in the world. To others, though, romanticism is inside every look that is in love. Moreover, it can be expressed through the simplest things without giving any importance to the place.

Jordan and Bree from Australia, found a way to agree with all the above! They are indeed as in love as their soft eyes, when they look each other, state. So, they decided that the touch of the white houses, the Aegean blue, the sunny Greek breeze and the roseate sunset of Santorini, was the ideal scenery for the day they would exchange their vows! We took advantage of that, so as to have a really special wedding video!

A well organized wedding

The wedding ceremony flowed perfectly to the last detail for their guests and definitely deserved every mile travelled! The bride was beautiful, glowing in the light of Kikladhes. The groom was waiting for her having always a little from the sea in his eyes and a hug full of love and their little princess! Then, the love vows came, along with the gentle wind of the island, the sounds of lyre and violin and the tears of their beloved ones!

The marvelous wedding celebrated love in every way! The sailing boat ride was exhilarating and the diving into the blue Aegean Sea, inevitable! The party at Ammoudi came to take off the joy, with oriental shows, Greek traditional bands from the islands, generous glasses of champagne, delicious viands and a lot of dancing, laughter, love!

Having Santorini as the shooting spot for the wedding video, the Greek sun at the lightning, “Poema” in a wedding planning of remarkably high aesthetic quality and a wonderful loving couple starring, the only issue we had to confront with as videographerswedding cinematographers was handling perfection!

Jordan and Bree our wish for you is to keep forever in your hearts the warmth of the summer and in your soul the magic of the island that you shared with us!


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