Wedding Video of Antonella and Centric in Paxi

Once upon a time, there was a Greek girl, Antonella and a French boy, Centric. From the moment they met, they fell in love deeply and decided to officially share their lives and… madness. The choice of an alternative wedding to the wonderful Greek island of Paxi was the ideal one for their dreams!

The happy couple invited their most loved ones to the island to share with them the joy and contribute with their laughter and positive energy to the amazing three-day wedding party.

They responded in the best way, with necklaces of flowers, laughing and being in a relaxed, playful mood. They all spent the night before the wedding at Villa Mouzmouli with dancing, diving in the pool and drinking cocktails. All that while wedding videographer Alex Stabasopoulos and his cameras were discreetly present.

The big day dawned and the bride began her wedding preparations amidst songs and love. The groom passed the test of tying the tie with the help of his best men and the boats bowed to the church of Virgin of Vellianites, colorful and festive! The beautiful couple lived every moment of their wedding ceremony with exuberance, and entered the boat back to the village embraced and as in love as ever!

The wedding party. The good one!

The official wedding party took place at Erimitis bar-restaurant and the drones took stunning shots from above. Moreover, the wild beauty of the rocks was uniquely connected to the distinctive sunset, the blue-green background of the island and the shimmering white of the wedding!

Antonella and Centric entered the party zone impressively and did not come out until the next day’s sunset!

How many shades of blue do you imagine? The turquoise waters and the green landscape of Paxi surpass the craziest imagination. Alex Stabasopoulos’ videography team knows this well, so they did not leave its terrestrial and aerial shooting facilities in peace, and a video of unbeatable beauty and high aesthetic quality was made! An excursion to Antipaxos with this cheerful and crazy company was, after all, the ideal theme and source of inspiration! The perfect ending for this three-day wedding party.

Beloved couple, we wish you this fairy tale to last for a lifetime!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video